Enabling Real-time Supply Chain Visibility

Supply chain visibility and integration is critical in today’s age of globalization where supply chains extend across continents leading to greater lead times, increased inventory and need to control downstream and upstream information. The recently introduced MTConnect standard helps capture real-time manufacturing data to help improve operational speed and timeliness of customer shipments. Manufacturers can now have more than just track-and-trace visibility giving them accurate and real-time information regarding planned versus actual order progress and instantly assess which jobs are lagging behind the promised delivery date. Separate supplier and buyer portals ensure relevant information for the respective entities in the multi-party supply chain. The session will explore lessons learned from the implementation of MTConnect complaint application at two General Electric Aviation suppliers located in Southern Ohio.

Reference: Enabling Real-time Supply Chain Visibility, MC2 2014 MTConnect: Connecting Manufacturing Conference ; Wickelhaus D., Deshpande A.; April 8-10 2014, Orlando, FL. 

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