Patent US10200150B2: Digital radio channel error detection

A method includes determining, at a device, that transmission data indicates that first data was transmitted via a digital radio channel. The method also includes determining, at the device, that reception data indicates that second data was received via the digital radio channel. The first data has a first size that is less than a second size of the second data. The method also includes determining, at the device, whether an error occurred in transmission of the first data based on determining whether each of a plurality of portions of the first data is included at least once in the second data.

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Patent US10305697B2: Handling excess travel-related information

Travel-related-information messages (TRIMS) are received from one or more information sources, and information included in the messages is placed into a first (e.g. TPEG™) or second (e.g. TPEG+) group. A determination is made that a first TRIM reporting message including information from the first group will exceed a permissible size, so excess information is removed from the first group and added to the second group, thereby decreasing the size of the first TRIM reporting message to the permissible message size or less. Some or all of the excess information removed from the first group is added to the second group. First and second TRIM reporting messages are generated from information included in the first and second groups. The first and second TRIM reporting messages are transmitted to end-user devices using different service ports.

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Patent US9916756B2: Broadcast traffic information bounding areas

A method includes configuring a plurality of sub-bounding areas within a primary bounding area. An aggregate traffic message includes traffic information aggregated from the sub-bounding areas, and is broadcast throughout the primary bounding area. The roads within the primary bounding area are associated with road classifications, and individual traffic messages associated with those roads are generated. Sub-bounding areas within the primary bounding area are associated with particular road classifications. Individual traffic messages (for particular roads) are selected for inclusion in the aggregate traffic message (broadcast over the primary bounding area) if those messages are associated with a road having a road classification that matches a road classification of a sub-bounding area in which the road is located. The aggregate traffic message is generated by combining the selected individual traffic messages, and is transmitted to a station importer.

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Book Review: The Art of the Start

I was hesitant to read this book - thinking it is another feel-good, self-help, inspiration, yes you can do it kind of content. However it turned out to be completely different. It is a step-by-step guide for entrepreneur to start a business.  There are 11 chapters each detailing a specific topic - the art of starting, positioning, pitching, pitching, writing a business plan, raising capital, bootstrapping, recruiting, partnering, branding, rainmaking and the being a Mensch. The book should be useful for starting any kind of business but is more geared towards technology start-ups seeking venture capital. The message is clear and simple – Put your passion to work –and the book will guide you to do so.


“Entrepreneur is not a job title.  It is a state of mind of people who want to alter the future.”

“The higher you go in big organizations, the thinner the air, and the thinner the air, the most difficult it is to support intelligent life”

“10/20/30 rule of presentations- 10 slides, 20 minutes, 30 font size”

Bozo explosion – “A” players hire "A+" players, but "B" players hire "C", "C" hire "D", etc..”

“Beware of the "successful bozo" wearing a nice suit - People automatically equate rich with smart"

“10 slides of VC presentation – Title, marketing and sales, problem, solution, competition, team, business model, projections, underlying magic, status and timeline”

“You should always be selling—not strategizing about selling. Don’t test, test, test—that’s a game for big companies. Don’t worry about being embarrassed. Don’t wait to develop the perfect product or service. Good enough is good enough. There will be plenty of time for refinement later. It’s not how great you start—it’s how great you end up.”

“And doing, not learning to do, is the essence of entrepreneurship.”

“The wisest course of action is to take your best shot with a prototype, immediately get it to market, and iterate quickly. If you wait for ideal circumstances in which you have all the information you need (which is impossible), the market will pass you by.

“Make the world a better place. Increase the quality of life. Right a terrible wrong. Prevent the end of something good.”

“Everyone should carefully observe which way his heart draws him, and then choose that way with all his strength.”