AMTS 2013: Needs and Means to Gather “Real” Performance Information

I will be presenting at the upcoming Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show 2013 conference in Dayton, Ohio.

When ?
Thursday, October 24 1:30 p.m.

Where ?
Dayton Airport Expo Center
3900 McCauley Drive
Vandalia, Ohio 45377
Phone: 937.454.8700
Fax: 937.264.3600

More information on AMTS:

Do you really need another machine? Will another machine add to your bottom line? Would your strategy change if you could see, minute by minute, what is actually taking place in your company? This is possible and we can show you when you attend “Needs and Means to Gather ‘Real’ Performance Information.” I will discuss a framework to gather and analyze machine utilization, how the MTConnect standard provides a path for objectively gathering this data, and a shop floor monitoring solution to small and mid-sized manufacturers with an achievable ROI proposition.