World’s top 25 Start-up Ecosystems

World’s top 25 start-up ecosystems:

  1. Silicon Valley (San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Jose, Oakland)
  2. New York City (NYC, Brooklyn)
  3. London
  4. Toronto
  5. Tel Aviv
  6. Los Angeles
  7. Singapore
  8. Sao Paulo
  9. Bangalore
  10. Moscow
  11. Paris
  12. Santiago
  13. Seattle
  14. Madrid
  15. Chicago
  16. Vancouver
  17. Berlin
  18. Boston
  19. Austin
  20. Mumbai
  21. Sydney
  22. Melbourne
  23. Warsaw
  24. Washington D.C.
  25. Montreal

Manufacturing Applications

Reference: SOA in Manufacturing, MESA technical library


The presentation titled “ITAMCO to iITAMCO” was delivered at the MTConnect Institute Technical Advisory Group meeting held at Plymouth, Indiana in June 2012. Click here for the PDF copy of the presentation. The presentation describes the methodology to integrate the Manufacturing Execution Data (MES) with real-time shop floor machine data. In addition, the innovative use of Microsoft Kinect for Windows with virtual reality to create a decision support system is explained (with live demo). The presentation was followed up by a tour of the ITAMCO facility where the participants were able to see all the technologies in action.