Gartner's top 10 strategic technologies for 2013

  1. Mobile devices battles
  2. Mobile applications and HTML5
  3. Personal cloud
  4. Internet of things
  5. Hybrid IT and cloud computing
  6. Strategic big data
  7. Actionable analytics
  8. Mainstream in-memory computing
  9. Integrated ecosystems
  10. Enterprise app stores

Source: Gartner

“Pain Relief” for Medical Parts Manufacturing

The medical part manufacturing industry has been growing at a rate of 12% for the past decade and expected to exceed $228B by 2015. The industry has a healthy future especially with the aging population and increased spending by the public and private sectors. The over 16,000 small to medium medical part manufacturing firms in United States today, face unique set of challenges with small complex part sizes, unique materials and government regulatory approvals. Accessibility to real-time and historic data for monitoring, optimization and auditing the machinery involved in the manufacture of the variety of medical device is essential to stay alive in the cutthroat competitive environment. The presentation will focus on quantifying the benefits of using the revolutionary MTConnect standard for the medical part manufacturing. A case study conducted at RMI will be presented, quantifying the return on investment of using MTConnect technologies for producing the Minute-Man insertion device used for spinal implant. RMI, a manufacturer of high precision spinal and orthopedic implants located in Noblesville, IN, will share their experience of using fact-based decision making for not only improving productivity and quality but managing delivery dates which wouldn’t have been possible without MTConnect. MTConnect is truly a pain relief solution of the industry which ensures pain relief for millions of us.

Reference: “Pain Relief” for Medical Parts Manufacturing, Jim Evans, Amit Deshpande, MC2 2013 conference (in-review), April 10-11, Cincinnati, Ohio.