CNC Integrated Manufacturing Data Management

Traditionally, manufacturing data management at the shop-floor level consists of machine controller data being transported, stored, and then analyzed on a central server for various key performance indicators. The raw data is transported using standard networking technologies like Profibus, Ethernet, Modbus, or RS-232. The method involves external data acquisition and analysis system, internal communication networks, appropriate network bandwidth, cables, and software resources. Today, machine tool controllers are getting more open and have separate systems for real-time motion control and human-machine interface. The data storage capability, computation power, and ability to exchange information in a standardized format between the motion control unit and PC are becoming robust in machine tool controller technology. In this paper, we examine a computer numeric control (CNC) integrated data collection methodology that effectively manages manufacturing data, process violations, alarm management, and quality control within the controller itself. The proposed methodology eliminates the need for an external device for data collection and has a potential to provide a platform for implementing user-defined alarms and customizable process violation alerts. The system architecture, implementation, benefits, limitations, and future work needed for the controller-integrated smart manufacturing control and information system is explained.

Reference: Deshpande A., Neidhart J. "Machine Controller Integrated Manufacturing Data Management." The Applied Systems Health Management Conference 2011, 10-12 May 2011, Virginia Beach, VA.