The VALS model was developed by SRI international. The original model was revised as VALS 2 in 1989. The basic assumption is consumer behavior can be predicted from the consumer psychology. The marketing tool is used extensively for product launched, better marketing efforts and studying the target segment in a better fashion. To take the VALS (Values and Lifestyles) survey click here. The model classifies a customer in 8 different categories. The survey needs information pertaining to age, sex and gross income and list of questions. The survey should not take more than 10 minutes.

The VALS2 survey classified me as Innovator (primary characteristic) and Achiever (secondary characteristic). According to the model being an Innovator I am primarily motivated by ideals and achievements and self-expression.

MTConnect Live

The MTConnect EMC2 Linux CNC simulator is now available online at One can test and play with the protocol, understand the XML schema and also use it as a testing source for building custom client applications. Current versions of EMC are entirely licensed under the GNU General Public License and Lesser GNU General Public License (GPL and LGPL). Both the LinuxCNC and EMC are non commercial efforts.

The agent is running in a continual spiral program that automatically restarts after 30 second pause. The output of the adapter can be tested using telnet at (port 7878). To get a sample of monitored parameters visit: To get current values of the monitored parameters visit: