Go Wiki

I have always been a great fan and a regular user of wikipedia ( It a great source of information but was always let down by their search capabilities. The search was so bad that it just matched the title of the page with your search term. Yes, I agree that there were categories and relevance percentage stuff but according to me, it never brought value to the user. With the launch of the wikiseek ( I guess the situation is very much improved. For those of you who don’t know about it; wikiseek is a search engine which works only on the wikipedia. It gives the relevant wikipedia “categories” in the top box and then search result pages. It is extremely fast as it is only on the wikipedia and may be the pages are already indexed. A wikiseek extension is also provided for the browser, which essentially acts like a wikipedia toolbar (similar to a Google or Yahoo toolbar). Wikiseek is certainly a better way of searching wikipedia without “advertisement” (hope so you get the message). Some useful links in case you are interested in wikiseek: