Data to Information: Can MTConnect Deliver the Promise?

Manufacturing industry is still lagging behind with respect to integration and standardization of various process monitoring and control systems. The manufacturing community across the globe has realized the vast potential of adopting standard which can facilitate compatibility, interoperability, scalability and plug-and-play functionality between various subsystems. In this paper we describe the protocol details, implementation and case studies for the emerging MTConnect standard. MTConnect is an open non-proprietary extensible XML-based standard which aims at enhancing interoperability between machine tools. MTConnect was implemented in the supervisory system communication level architecture as part of the smart machine platform initiative. The possible implications on manufacturing with its current protocol limitations are described in detail. Finally we conclude with the lessons learned and future direction of MTConnect development.

Reference: Data to Information: Can MTConnect Deliver the Promise?; 37th North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC 37), May 19-22, 2009, Greensville, SC.
Authors: Sri Atluru, Amit Deshpande

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