It is just not goals but the plan

As a child, student or professional I was always told to have predefined goals in my life, work or career. If you do not have goals, you never reach ‘there’. You just do not have any direction or motivation to reach your destiny as you don’t know what is your destiny. Its something like you sit in the car and you don’t have any specific place in mind to reach. The result may be that you wander on one street to another and return home. Its like “if you don’t schedule it won’t happen”. This is the good old literature, which we are brainstormed right from our childhood. The point I want to illustrate is it is not just setting the goals that is important but the plan, resources, time, skills and checkpoints to reach the goal. This is what many people do not understand and thus fail to reach their goals. It is easy to set goals but the difficult thing is to have a valid foolproof plan to make them happen. One should have ‘realistic’ goals and a workable pragmatic plan to reach their goal.
For example, if a chain smoker decides one fine day that he will quit smoking all of sudden there is a high probability that his goal will fail after some initial restrain. Another example will be of a novice programmer who decides that he will code an operating system like Microsoft Windows or a Google search engine without having the appropriate knowledge or skill set. The problem with such goals is that they are not “impossible” but there is no proper planning and methodology determined to reach the goal.
Set your goals but make sure you have appropriate knowledge, motivation, skills, returns and resources to fulfill them. Best of luck for your endeavors.


Unknown said...

This is absolutely right. Even a PC works on programs which use algorithms. Similarly,one's life should have a plan.

Amit Deshpande said...

Good point .. thanks