Are you Orkuting?

Orkut recently launched the service where you can insert the various RSS feeds in Orkut itself. So now when you visit a profile of a person you can get the complete information with his favorite videos, testimonials, RSS feeds, blog, personal website and the other profile information provided by the user. It has become an ideal place to portray your complete social profile. It also provides functionality to rate a user on dimensions like cool, trusty and sexy, status on Gtalk, recommended communities and latest friends who have login. It has much richer functionality now than it had when I first started using it sometime in 2004 (that is obvious). Still I feel it lacks some features, which can make it richer.

1> The messages in Orkut have little functionality and more looked upon as spam. I personally never read the messages and delete it blindly.

2> The scrapbook does not have any method where I can set rights or preferences. I mean there is no functionality where I can set permission for a certain user to view it and some not.

3> Deletion or selection of scraps from a particular user or in certain time-frame. We need a scrap search engine.

4> I guess there is some limit on the number of photos in the Orkut album, which should be increased.

5> Orkut album should support slide shows from the Picasa web album.

6> Some maps functionality for the user addresses

7> Better analytics features and not just number of users visited in last week, last month and since one year

8> Better server and uptime (some time I am fed-up with the number of donut I get). I agree that the service is much better than the past but still there is a large room for improvement.

9> Better monitoring and filtering of sensitive and spam material on communities (considering the issues in India where some people were offended by some anti material against a group on the website)

10> Support for reminders other than birthdays like anniversaries, some special festivals etc...

11> Some Google gadgets for Orkut

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