I am Creative!

As a HR department requirement I took the DISC profile questionnaire. DISC stands for: D – Dominance; I – Influence; S – Steadiness; C – Conscientious. I scored the highest on the 'D' dimension. My DISC profile matched with the "Creative" personality template.

I was a bit skeptic about such a theory/activity however after reading the DISC report I was amazed. The profile closely described my characteristics and behavior. The report described my work habits, motivation and gave some insights about me to the supervisors/boss. Thinking introspectively I think the model described 'me' perfectly (and also some of my weak areas). Take the DISC profile questionnaire if you are wondering about your qualities, work habits, strengths, weaknesses and capabilities. It really helps! Also let me know if your profile matched mine. May be its worthwhile to know each other and share experiences.


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