Online MTConnect Demonstration

At IMTS 2008, MTConnect was demonstrated with more than 30 machine tool vendors connecting their machines to a central system communicating real time data. A huge touch screen allowed the participants to select a machine and monitor its operation. A similar application is now available online at the website (as shown in the Figure below).

The application collects real-time data from various vendor machines compliant with the MTConnect standard. One can monitor the machine status and also MTConnect applications utilizing the data (Application section). The online demonstration was showcased at EMO 2009 trade show and will be displayed at the upcoming DMC 2009 conference.
There is a lot of confusion around the functionality of MTConnect. People tend to think that MTConnect can perform SPC, OEE, alarm management and other process improvement activities. In reality, MTConnect is a communication standard for CNC machines and other manufacturing equipments. MTConnect is not an application, software nor does it specify data analysis methods to calculate any particular KPI. It does not calculate OEE, Cpk or perform SPC. It provides a standard neutral platform on which these applications can be developed with standardized data interfaces. The application functionality is dependent on the developer or the organization requirements. This has two major benefits. First the application becomes plug-and-play and will have full compatibility with any machine (or device) which is MTConnect compliant. Secondly, it drastically reduces the system integration efforts. The Figure below shows the interface of the TechSolve SMPI test bed situated at Cincinnati, Ohio. Click here to monitor the real time machine status.

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