Machine Monitoring using Cloud Computing Technology

Machine monitoring applications using the MTConnect protocol will be displayed in the Emerging Technology Center at the upcoming IMTS 2010 show. Participant will be able to access live data feed from the different OEM machines using a touch screen interface.

The two applications demonstrated under smart machine program are Shoptalk and Vimana. Shoptalk will demonstrate the legacy machine connectivity and monitoring using the power sensor technology. Basic information like the cycle state (off, idle, in-cycle) can be successfully extracted in real-time using the power sensor technology coupled with the MTConnect protocol. The Vimana application will demonstrate the cost effective use of cloud computing to monitor machine tools in real-time. The application uses complex event processing (CEP) to automatically find the root cause of a down time or quality event.

• Best for smaller shops with a mix of new and legacy machines
• Basic, real-time data
• Comprehensive view of shop floor
• Modularity enables add-ons for more data capture as you grow

• Comprehensive solution to analyze and improve total production efficiency
• Uncovers the reasons behind production losses and inefficiencies
• Available as a SaaS and as onsite deployment to suit large and small machine shops

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