Getting Started with MTConnect: Connectivity Guide

The MTConnect connectivity guide is now available for download at the website. Click here to download (direct link) the connectivity guide. 

The article is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in getting the first-hand knowledge of the MTConnect standard and its potential benefits to manufacturing. Though most of the sections in the document explain the technical aspects, Section 3 and Section 4 focus on benefits and steps to get started with MTConnect implementation.

Content Overview:
Section 1 - Introduction
Section 2 - MTConnect Overview
Section 3 -  What Problems Do Companies Solve With MTConnect?
  • Production Dashboard or Monitor
  • Alerts
  • Equipment Availability and Usage
  • Machine Downtime Analysis
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness:
  • Production Reporting/Tracking
  • Maintenance Tracking/Planning

Section 4 – How to Begin
  • Step 1 – Define the Problem That You Are Trying to Solve
  • Step 2 – What Does Success Look Like?
  • Step 3 – Define Your Equipment
  • Step 4 – Define Limitations/Restraints That Impact Your Project
  • Step 5 – List the People in Your Organization Who Will Impact the Project

Section 5 - I Know What I Need – How Do I Get It Done?
Section 6 -  Information (Data) Available using MTConnect
Section 7- Connecting a MTConnect Device to a Network
Section 8 - Conclusions

Appendix A – MTConnect Glossary of Terms
Appendix B – MTConnect Project Work Sheet
Appendix C – MTConnect Data Model and Data Types 

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