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ShopViz provides a window into the true performance of an organization’s manufacturing operation with information gathered directly from its equipment. ShopViz allows businesses to stay on top of their equipment performance by allowing them to quickly identify and prioritize their production issues. ShopViz allows companies to shift their workload from firefighting to growing and developing their business, relationships, and technology. ShopViz is an innovative web-based tool for small to medium-sized manufacturers providing 24/7 asset monitoring. It is available anywhere there is a browser, including a smartphone. Built on the MTConnect standard for machine tool communication, ShopViz is adaptable and can be customized to fit an organization’s data needs and treads lightly on its IT infrastructure.

Realize - at a glance - exactly which assets are running, which are not, and why. Get the information right now, from any location, at any time. Deal with facts obtained directly from the equipment and share factory
floor performance from the chip makers to the decision makers.

Invest in improving performance, not just collecting data. ShopViz is a “lean-enabler” to make fact-based decisions using machine-provided data. Identify performance losses and slowdowns during and between cycles. Make quick, accurate decisions to improve productivity.

Demonstrate the success of any improvement efforts. Quantify performance improvements for machines and your departments with historical reports and the real numbers behind them. Quote future work with the confidence of knowing current performance and future capacity.

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