Eight Levels of Analytics Model by SAS

1. Standard Reporting
        - Historical perspective
        - Standard KPI or data parameters
        - Focused on short term goals and objectives

2. Customized Reporting
        - Flexible reporting
        - Focused on problem solving
        - Historical perspective

3. Drill down analysis
        - Root cause analysis
        - Stratification analysis
        - Used extensively in DMAIC processes

4. Alerts and Notification
        - Management by exception
        - Pre-defined business process
        - Real-time feedback

5. Statistical Analysis
       - Correlation analysis
       - Discriminant Analysis
       - Regression Analysis

6. Forecasting
        - Trends
        - Pattern recognition
        - Decision making capability

7. Predictive Modeling
        - Prognostics
        - Data driven decision

8. Optimization
        - Enable innovation
        - Continuous improvement
        - Adaptive feedback



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