Empowering Power Savings

Manufacturing is among the most energy-intensive sector and account for almost 30 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Energy consumption monitoring has been done since the industrial revolution days and is traditionally viewed as a “bill to be paid” which is increasing on an average by 10% per annum. There is a wide gap between monitoring energy consumption and actually correlating that data to the operational activities in a factory to devise strategies for energy usage optimization. With the advent of standard like MTConnect, we can now in real-time “tag” every kilowatt spent against a particular machine, part, work order or client. In addition, we have the ability to include infrastructure items like pumps, chillers, air compressors, HVAC and lighting to provide a holistic view of energy consumption. ITAMCO and TechSolve will explain the use of MTConnect technology to enable dramatic energy savings by understanding energy usage and demand patterns which enables energy costs to be a controllable operating expense. A case study will be presented where Energy Performance Indicators (EPI’s) and return on investment will be quantified for MTConnect implementation at ITAMCO located in Plymouth, Indiana.

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Reference: Empowering Power Savings, Joel Neidig, Amit Deshpande, MC2 Manufacturing Conference 2013, April 10-11 2013, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

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