MC2 2013 Presentation: Business Case for Implementing Energy Management System Focused on Small-to-Medium Manufacturers

Energy has become a buzz in the past few years. ISO 50001 was introduced recently. As a manufacturing consultant, I walk at least a dozen shop floors in a month. Most of my clients are small to medium industries. Revenues anywhere between 5-75 million dollars and between 5-500 employees. Most of these industries are ISO 9001 certified. But very rarely I have seen a small to medium manufacturer seriously thinking from a business perspective to implement energy efficiency on the shop floor. Actually, several clients indicated that energy is very cheap.  Yes, energy might be cheap but depending where you are in the country and the type of industry, energy management can lead to significant savings. A case study is presented  which demonstrates the use of MTConnect in enabling energy savings and the business case for implementing energy management system.

Click here to download the PDF copy of the presentation.

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