I am a proud Indian and a Libertarian Right

My background: Born and brought up in urban Indian city of Pune for 23 years and then living in United States from past 2 years. I am classified as a Libertarian Right on the political compass (refer picture 4). I believe that it actually depicts the social nurturing of a person and the way he thinks and believes. India being a free, democratic and secular country it was natural for me to land below on the vertical axes (social freedom scale). Indian economy being a mixed economy where there are private industries but some major infrastructural industries like railways under government rule it was natural for me to land somewhere on the centre of the horizontal axes. The “slight” shift to the right can be attributed to the phenomenon of open market in India since 1991, the recent IT boom (India’s GDP is growing at 9.2%) and the fact that I am living in United States for past two years. I strongly urge you to take the questionnaire and assess for your self what you are and where you want to be.
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