The test market of America

Marketing department of any firm always wants accurate results for question like sales forecasts, market reaction to a new product, product sales, revenue generation etc... They often try test market analysis for predicting the above quantities. Deciding upon a where to conduct the survey such that the predicted results will hold good for the entire country or region is always a question of interest. Many marketing evangelist always refer to the term “Will it play in Peoria?” Peoria, IL is considered the test market capital of United States. If the product is successful in Peoria it will do good overall in the country.
Peoria, IL represents a “typical” average mid sized American city located nearly at the center of the county equidistant from St. Louis and Chicago. Peoria depicts the diversity of the United States population in terms of race, income, age, rural and business interests, educational background etc...
Many consumer product companies, movies, plays and even politicians try to get the feel of the market by having a test market analysis in Peoria. In short Peoria is the microcosm of United States.
Other cities considered for test market include Albany NY, Greensboro NC and Santa Barbara CA.

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