Mystery Spot

A couple of weeks back I visited the mystery spot located in Santa Cruz, CA where it is said that the gravitational force does not act in the vertical direction. I knew that there is no proven scientific theory behind this phenomenon and being an analytical science based person was looking to solve the puzzle or at least criticize the hypothesis. The tour guide demonstrated some things, which were certainly mysterious. He showed us

1 > Rolling a Golf ball on a “seemingly” slanted surface which stops in between and rolls back in the opposite direction.

2> A pendulum which needs much more force to make swing in one direction than the other.

3> The height experiment where an individual seems taller than the other at one position and the shorter in the other. The guide then clarified that the surface is horizontal with the use of bubble slide

There is one thing one should note that all the surfaces are tilted which causes disorientation with respect to the horizontal and vertical.

There have been many theories to explain the phenomenon

1> A alien space ship landed here which causes this disorientation (the most weird theory!)

2> There is a large carbon dioxide gas flow nearby which changes the gravitational force

3> A heavy metal deposit which causes the anomaly

None of the theory is sufficient to explain and answer the weirdness of the place weather it may be ‘feeling light headed’, ‘top heavy’ or hanging tilted of an individual at about thirty degrees on a horizontal bar. The honest answer is that I (with all my friends) am not sure weather whatever we saw and experienced there is an optical illusion or in fact a real anomaly. The fact that nobody still has been able to explain; makes me believe that there is something about the mystery spot. If you are in Bay area, you should certainly visit this place to experience all yourself. The Mystery spot is located at 464 Mystery Spot Road, Santa Cruz, CA 95065 (

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