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Centre for Development Studies and Activities is an internationally renowned, autonomous research, training and policy making institution. For the past thirty years CDSA is addressing itself to issues concerning management of environment while promoting development as well as reduction of poverty and creation of wealth.
The Times of India Pune and CDSA are teaming up to start a series of articles that will be published every Monday and will be concerned with building awareness amongst the citizens of Pune regarding the various issues related to the proper development of the city. The idea is to build a citizens forum geared towards understanding the city, its people and the problems they face so as to come up with better, more sustainable and productive solutions, we feel this is the need of the day as we are all in it together. Remember every Mondays times.

Aims and Objectives of CDSA
1. To conduct research on development problems and processes, to experiment with planning methods, to develop techniques of evaluation which give accurate feedback on the nature and type of changes taking place in the society.
2. To teach and train participants about the problems and processes of development, to impart skills to them on methods and techniques of planning, implementation, administration and evaluation.
3. To help governments, its agencies and other public bodies by training their personnel, carrying out pilot projects for them, conducting research in areas of public policy and decision-making, and giving them correct and accurate feedback.
4. To carry out research and advocacy in areas of public policy, decision making and participatory governance at various levels.
5. To enter into contracts with individuals, firms, companies, societies, institutions, agencies, government and non government organizations in India and abroad which further the objectives of CDSA.
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