How many best friends do you have?

Interesting question... Huh? Here are the results of a poll on Facebook for number of best friends (1003 participants). According to the poll, 46% of participants have 2-3 best friends. Of course the term ‘best’ friend is loosely defined and depends upon one’s perception. The poll result follows the natural bell curve. Firstly one can observe that age of a person is not an influencing factor in determining number of friends one has. The breakdown of results by age does not show any significance pattern. Another interesting facts is that males seem to be more extreme with 7% male having no best friends and 20% having more than ten best friends. In contrast 50% of females have 2-3 best friends and the percentage goes on decreasing sharply as we go away from the mean in either direction.


Anonymous said...

I do not have any best friends and when I think about it I question my wife(when an over the road trucker can pick her up off the street I realize the respect to has for me is nonexistent);however in the whole scheme of life I feel fortunate because I have never meet a axxhole person yet that was not a user of other people.

Anonymous said...

Well, "best friend" word itself refers to only one friend...end of discussion!!