Prototyping using Excel

Software prototyping is becoming more and more important with the evolving internet and Web 2.0 where the applications are richer in terms of functionality and content. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) friendliness decides the success or a failure of a website. Prototyping has become the quintessential process in the product life cycle. Flash, Visio or even MS Word are most commonly used tools for prototyping. Sometimes the developer can use the product development tools itself for prototyping. Nevertheless, can anyone think of MS Excel used as an efficient and useful tool for prototyping?
Jonathan Arnowitz, Michael Arent and Nevin Berger describe the applicability of Excel as a prototyping tool in their book Effective Prototyping for Software Makers. For more information visit
Here are some snapshots of demo examples of prototyping using Excel.
All the prototypes are built using Excel.

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