CCD coming soon !

Well if not the Indian food chain, which I thought is an unexplored business opportunity the Indian Coffee chain ‘Café Coffee Day’ has quick spotted the opportunity. The Indian coffee giant chain Café Coffee Day (CCD) has announced that it will soon open international branches in US, Europe and Middle East. A division of Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Ltd. (ABCTCL), it is commonly known as Coffee Day or CCD. It opened its first cafe in 1996 on Brigade Road in Bangalore, and today has the largest cafe retail chain in India - with 436 cafes in 69 cities. For more information, please click here. At last, I can (atleast try to)replicate the good old days during my under graduation when I used to spend uncountable number of hours sipping over a hot cup of coffee at CCD. I have some unforgettable memories associated with CCD. The CCD on the Fergusson college road - Pune was the "grand" venue for my grand “first date”. Can anyone forget his or her first date? The CCD proved to be very lucky for me. I got married with Nirupama (first date at CCD) last summer in India. We try to remember and cherish our college day by going to omnipresent Starbucks. However, this is too artificial ... I really miss my hot CCD coffee (that does not mean that I hate or do not like Starbucks coffee). We sincerely hope to see a CCD very soon somewhere in and around Cincinnati, Ohio.

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