To know each other

I just started working at SAP labs Palo Alto CA. While going through the email list I noticed that there were more than 17 Deshpande’s working here. I was so amazed to find so many Deshpande’s working in a German company in United States. It was especially astonishing considering that SAP does not have any presence in Maharashtra where mainly the Deshpande’s come from. But then one thought struck me … how many those do I know about? May be somebody of them just lives near my place at Pune. How should I find it out? Yes the straightforward way was to email them and ask them about their details. But this is bit weird and also has some privacy implications. Finally I came up with an open idea of open source. I created a wiki called “Deshpande community” ( where all the Deshpande’s can post their information.
It is similar to wikipedia (which uses wiki media engine) where you can add, view and also edit information in a collaborative way. One may add his/her personal information like name, family, education, hobbies, interests, contact information etc…
This will serve as a common platform/database for the Despande's around the world to communicate with each other and know each other better. Please add your personal page with the title starting with your first name and then the last name (which is of course 'Deshpande').
I will like to encourage all the Deshpande’s to join the wiki

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