Googlism for Google

While surfing through the internet cosmos I came across Googlism. It is a cool website ( where you can search about a specific thing and get “what Google thinks about it”. The site returns some exciting and humorous results. The website gets the Google results from Google servers and displays views and opinions about places, things, names, things etc... Unfortunately, Google revoked the access to its server from 2004 thus; the googlism results may be somewhat old. The “googlism for Google”, which is perception (not reality) of Google about itself, can be found at
Some of the interesting results are as follows:

google is the world's favorite search engine
google is your friend
google is faasst
google is featuring the google
google is dancing
google is watching you
google is thinking
google is anti
google is 'feeling lucky'google is your family
google is my other memory
google is still spidering and caching my old server 35 dayes and still counting
google is goood positive things about google
google is a harsh mistress
google is replacing bookmarks
google is still choosing to take advantage of the safe harbor provision of the digital
google is just the juice
google is a part of my brain
google is evil
google is penalizing for linking to bad neighboursgoogle is scary
google is happinessgoogle is god
google is saving the webgoogle is my other memory
google is bigger than alltheweb

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