Offended by friendliness

I was in Los Angeles this winter for a vacation at my sister-in-law's place. It was a wonderful warm place especially coming from freezing temperatures of Cincinnati. One fine morning we (with my wife) decided to go to Universal Studios using the public transportation. We took a bus from Ocean Ave at Santa Monica station for LA Union Station. As there was no single bus or train, which took us from Santa Monica to Universal Studios we decided to take the railway from Union Station to Universal Studios. After an hour of slow drive finally we reached the LA Union Station. We got off the bus and started looking for Union Station, just then, I saw a person passing by. The person was formally dresses, medium height and may be in his early fifties. I asked him for help to provide us some information about the railway system at LA. The man replied in extremely friendly way and enthusiastically asked us to follow him. He then started to talk about his migration from Taiwan to United States twenty years ago and stories about the Indian doctor he visits. It seemed that the man was quite knowledgeable about India and had a good perception about Indians (which obviously made me happy). After a while, I started getting suspicious about the person’s friendliness. Various negative questions started to boggle my mind, which was natural being a foreigner in the country. I had heard stories about some swindles and similar incidents near LA downtown. The man was coming with us till the station even though it was not his way. The station was completely lonely with not even a single person in sight. At this time, I started becoming very nervous and a bit frightened especially the way the man was trying to be over friendly. He kept on talking and we kept following him until we reached the actual boarding point on the station platform. Now I thought that the man might ask some money or something similar. However, every thought, which went through my mind for the last ten minutes, was false. The man greeted us, gave us return journey instructions and went off. I kept at looking the diminishing trail of my new stranger friend and started feeling a bit ashamed of myself for thinking in such a negative way. Nevertheless, I learnt a lesson, which will make me more helpful and supportive person in the society.

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