Chak De India: Inspired by a true story

By now many of you must have already seen the latest film Chak De India from Yash Raj Productions. But do you know that the film is inspired by a true story ?

Chak De India is inspired by a real life story of an Indian hockey player Meer Ranjan Negi. Negi was charged with match fixing allegation in 1982 when India lost to Pakistan in the Asian Games at Delhi. Negi then took up the job for coaching the Indian Women Hockey team. Under the leadership of Negi, the Women’s Hockey team won the Gold medal at Manchester Common Wealth Games in 2002.


Anonymous said...

Meer Ranjan Negi did not coach the Women Hockey team. He was the coach of the Indian National Mens Hockey team which played the Asian games in 1998.It was led by Dhanraj Pillai and won Gold. After that the Indian hockey team won a gold in in all tournaments for the next 3 years.

Anonymous said...

you both are right. his name is actuall Mir Ranjan Negi and if you go on wikipedia you both will be proven right. lol im two years late.

Anonymous said...

He was also the assistant coach for the Women's team when it won the Gold at the 2004 Hockey Asia Cup.

Anonymous said...

he was a nice man

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