Yahoo gears up!

Yahoo beefs up its search technology by integrating its Yahoo Music, Yahoo Movies and other services. Today I yahoo'd (not googled) “Eastern Promises” and got results giving a link to the movie on Yahoo movies widget plus show timings in the nearby theatres. In addition, a search for a famous artist like Shakira gives links to the Yahoo music widget with the most popular songs. I was very satisfied with the Yahoo assist feature. It was certainly at par with the similar suggest application by Google. Another difference I noticed is that Yahoo numbers its search results serially. Finally I yahoo'd and googled my name (i.e. Amit Deshpande) and found that Yahoo [253,000] had more search results than Google [157,000].
Will all these features be successful to bring back the lost glory for Yahoo? Can Yahoo be number one search engine? More than technology Yahoo will also have to change the perception of the users. Google has become a “verb” today. Can Yahoo beat it?


Kanishk | कनिष्क said...

Yahoo! is certainly gearing up and being an old loyal Yahoo user, I still use it for everything except search. Its services like finance, music and movies are superb and unmatchable.

Amit Deshpande said...

Thanks for your comment. Yahoo Finance, Music , groups etc.. was always better than Google. It is the big search market which Yahoo is trying to reclaim.

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