Tokyo never sleeps

On 11 April, I attended the presentation by Dr. Mehram Sahami, a senior research scientist at Google “Using Data Mining to Measure Similarity between Words and Objects”. The presentation was about the general working of a search engine, techniques used and also touched upon the working principle of recommendation system for Orkut communities. The most interesting part came towards the end of the presentation when he showed a clip/video showing the usage of Google search engine across the world with respect to time. The points on the map went bright when there was a Google search activity at that place on the map. One can see the points on the map getting bright and dark as the day and night occurred at that place in the world (point on the map). However, there was a point on the map that never went dark and was “very” bright irrespective it was day or night at that place. The point on the map was the Tokyo city in Japan …. Tokyo just never goes to sleep. Did you get the message?


Anonymous said...

I guess he showed historical data. But do you know if they can see it in realtime at the google plex?

Anonymous said...

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